Searching For Lebanon’s Sea-Ders

This post is a reblog from Project Revolver. Beirut, the early 1960s: a time of growing religious and political tensions in and around Lebanon… But something else was brewing then: the rise of rock & roll. Circa 1964, the Beatles erupted unto the international scene and the entire world, the Middle East included, fell for […]

Les Misérables: movie review

Here’s my first attempt at a movie review. Once a pseudo-cinephile, I’ve now become adept at re-watching movies I’ve already watched, out of comfortable familiarity. But lately, I’ve been on a positive streak of sorts, and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at heavy-handed critiquing. So here goes. Flick up for review: Tom Hooper’s […]


(*Cue the violins*) This here is a nostalgic post, in which I look back at the last few years of my life and wax lyrical about my love for journalism… (*violins come to a screeching halt*). Nah, I haven’t quite reached that point. But in light of this blog, and as I face a career […]

Here we go again

“Le mariage est une forteresse assiégée, ceux qui sont dehors veulent y entrer, ceux qui sont dedans veulent en sortir.” Dicton français [Rule #1 of lazy but effective blogging: start your post with a quote, preferably in italic. Works every time]. According to the all-knowing Internet, this is a French proverb, also known for inspiring […]